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Driving Membership Forward. Together...

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MAP Project
Membership and Association Professional (MAP) Project 

The MemberWise Network and The Professionalism Group are developing a new range of professional membership organisation and association-specific tools and resources.

In late 2012 the Hestletine Review recommended that MemberWise and the Professionalism Group drive up competence with the Trade Association Forum (TAF). Download press-release...

On 19th March 2013 HM Treasury published a formal government response fully supporting the further development of the MAP Competence Framework. Download press-release...
Our government endorsed project will see three unique 'staged' offerings developed...
Stage 1 - The Membership & Association Professional (MAP)Code of Conduct,

This is suitable for both individuals and organisations, is the first stage of demonstrating and achieving excellence.The code will enable those who comply to declare their professional and ethical intent and will provide the foundation for each of the stages which follow.

View the MAP Code of Conduct...


It will be possible for individuals and organisations to declare their compliance with the (MAP) Code of Conduct and the (MAP) Competence Framework and, later, for this compliance to form the basis of the (MAP) Peer Review process for organisations.


The code is, therefore, to be the enabler for a series of beneficial enhancements to the capability and competence of membership organisations and professional associations, for individual employees, volunteers and memberships as a whole.

Stage 2 -The Membership & Assocation Professional (MAP) Framework

This is suitable for individuals and organisations, and is the second stage of demonstrating and achieveing excellence. The framework will enable competence; within all functions/departments and at all career stages; to be defined so that individuals and organisations can establish strengths and identify areas of development.

We are currently consulting with the membership and association sector about the proposed content and a focus group will be held on 22nd June 2012. See the right-hand column of this page!

Stage 3 - Peer Review - Following launch of the framework the MemberWise Network will enable a range of benchmarking opportunities.

The peer review process will be facilitated on acceptance by the membership organisation and association sector.

Messages of Support:

'The work you are doing is just what the membership organisatoin & association sector in the UK needs to give it a clear definition, a career framework and a checklist of best practice.'

(James Haslem, General Manager, Oracle User Group)


‘We have looked at a number of frameworks to improve effectiveness at Co-operatives UK over recent months and to-date we haven’t found any that ‘fit the bill’. The MAP Framework could well be the exception!’

(John Atherton, Membership Officer, Co-Operatives UK)
'This competence framework is something our industry requires'

(Gary Bullett, Marketing Manager, Association for Consultancy and Engineering)