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Financial Services 
This section is dedicated to promoting providers of 'value-added' products/services.
The MemberWise Network has partnered with Skipton Financial Services Limited (SFS) to enable membership organisations and associations toprovide a ‘whole of market’ financial planning service to members (in partnership with SFS) at no cost to your organisation.
The benefits to your members...

The benefit for your members is that they are in the hands of one of the UK’s largest financial service companies who is able to search and offer products from the entire marketplace that meet individual circumstances.

SFS’s advice carries no upfront cost and if a member does purchase a product then SFS will normally receive initial commission on the sale from the product provider.You will receive a share of this.

There are no set up or maintenance costs for your organisation and all the marketing and promotion of the service will be dual branded and carried out by SFS.

Examples of this include:

- Your members will have access to fully qualified SFS Financial Advisers who are able to listen to their individual needs and tailor advice to their circumstances.

- A dual branded website can be designed and hosted by SFS specifically for your members.

- Bespoke Reader Guides, Factsheets and Leaflets on the services SFS offers will be written by in-house experts and printed by SFS.

- Direct mailing to members to promote the service and generate leads will be designed, printed and posted on your behalf by SFS.

- A dedicated Helpline is provided by SFS for members to either discuss their needs or arrange an appointment wht an SFS Financial Adviser.

- SFS will host Presentations and Exhibition to members - either at local or national seminars, conferences, and head office meetings to discuss the Service or specific topics relevant to financial planning.

- A Seminar Programme is available throughout the UK to help educate members about the importance of financial planning and to put them in contact with a local SFS Financial Adviser.

- Editorial and adverts for your magazines/publications will be written by SFS on your behalf if required.

- E-Newsletters can also be designed and issued by SFS in-house at no charge to your organisation.

To view an example of the services SFS can offer to your membership organisation or association take a look at the National Association of Head Teachers case study opposite.


The benefits...

The benefit to your organisation is that not only are you are able to provide your members with your very own financial planning service through SFS, you will also earn a share of any initial commission earned through any sales made – plus subsequent trail income for the term of the investment.

Case Study - National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT)
Click HERE to visit the NAHT Personal Financial Services website who is one of SFS's successful partners that currently offers this service to their members.

To find out more about Skipton Financial Services and the service they can offer you and your Members, click HERE to download the presentation.

For further information please Contact Us.


At Navigation Wealth Management, we provide a wide range of services to both individuals and businesses throughout the UK, helping them with practical solutions to the financial issues that concern them most.

Our emphasis is on maintaining a long-term relationship with my clients and to provide them with a source of trusted advice as their financial needs evolve over the years

We specialise in providing high quality personal advice on many aspects of wealth management, advising people of widely differing financial resources and of all ages.

Our services include investment, retirement and Inheritance tax planning through to effective solutions to meet the insurance and protection needs of our clients.

Find out more about Navigation Wealth Management...