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Affinity Scheme Providers 
Affinity schemes can provide great value-added member benefits that contribute towards your overall member value proposition (MVP). This should contribute directly towards improving member engagement, member retention and growth. Leading providers are listed below:


Parliament Hill Ltd works with over 65 membership bodies (associations, institutes, trade unions etc) to help them add further value via the delivery of ‘member benefits’ to the membership.

We help the members of our many clients (Associations etc) to save time and money - and often the cost of their membership - through fantastic deals on products and services relevant to the member as an individual / at work.

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What is an affinity scheme?
Affinity schemes operated within the membership organisation and association sector are operated/run by affinity scheme providers.

These organisations negotiate preferential discounts and offer on a range of products and services that link to members' personal or professional lives.
Scheme providers usually charge a fee based on the size of your membership and can offer you hosted and branded online content.