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Online Professional Networking 
One of the key benefits being a MemberWise subscriber is that you can network with over 3,000+ membership organisation and association professionals working within professional bodies, trade associations, unions and learned societies via our dedicated conferences, events and online professional networking groups.
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The network hosts one of the largest and most engages online networking groups within the association and membership sector. Over 1,000 professionals regularly network, share best practice, and offer peer help/support.

The group provides members with the opportunity to hear about:

- The Latest member updates
- New Guest Blog articles posted to our Association & Membeship Sector Blog
- Up and coming sector conferences and events
- Online Video Insights
- Job Vacancy Alerts

Group Criteria: All group members must be practicing association and membership professionals or represent a MemberWise Recognised Supplier organisation.

Special interest groups include:

- Membership and Marketing Special Interest Group
- Direct Debit Special Interest Group
- Effective Member Research Special Interest Group
- Governance Special Interest Group
- Harnessing the Web Special Interest Group
- IT and CRM Special Interest Group
- Professional Services Special Interest Group
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