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Welcome to the MemberWise Recognised Supplier Directory!

Our online directory provides 3,900+ membership organisation and association professionals with an overview of leading sector suppliers providing products and services that can enable their organisations to increase membership value and growth.

Our resource is accessed by 100's of senior influencers and key decision makers each week and provides suppliers with an opportunity to outwardly promote their respective offerings.

Use our helpful product/service function menu on the left or use the search function below:

A guide for users of the MemberWise Supplier Directory:

Who is a MemberWise Recognised Supplier?

A MemberWise Recognised Supplier has demonstrated relevant experience of providing products & services within the association & membership sector.

How can I tell if a supplier is MemberWise Recognised?
All MemberWise Recognised Suppliers feature in this directory and a growing number are proud to display MemberWise Recognised logo in their promotional literature and on their websites.

What added value can I expect?
All participating providers agree to the following principles:

- All service the requirements of associations and membership organisations
All products/services will aid associations and membership organisations to operate more effectively and/or provide enhanced member value, engagement
- All agree to help existing and prospective clients to share good practice information and advice via the MemberWise Network

                How many suppliers participate in the programme?
Over 100+ providers take part in the scheme and we typically welcome 4 new providers each month.


Can't find what you are looking for?

If you are struggling to find the supplier you are looking for or would like independent help/advice from the network please Contact Us.

Information for commercial providers to the sector:

Why become a MemberWise Recognised Supplier?

Be part of the MemberWise Network -  the largest independent network of 3,900+ professionals working within the association & membership sector,

representing 1,000+ organisations.

Enhance your brand awareness within the sector.

Attend or speak at MemberWise high profile and well-attended local/national events.

What MemberWise Recognised Suppliers say:

'"There are many excellent networking groups in the charity sector, but not in the Association sector. MemberWise is the exception."
ASI Europe, CRM Provider

"Deeson discovered the MemberWise Network in 2010. Since then it has been a very productive and enjoyable collaboration. We regularly lead network seminars, write best practice articles and sponsor the network's groundbreaking national programme of conferences. No other membership network gets close and that's because MemberWise is run by the sector, for the sector."
Deeson, Digital Publishing Agency

'"The MemberWise Network pioneers joint working within the membership sector.
The network enables the sector to engage.
APT Solutions has been a MemberWise Recognised Supplier since 2008 would recommend sector suppliers take part in the scheme."

PT Solutions, CRM Provider

'"Membership Plus would like to stress the value and awareness the MemberWise Network has brought to us in the membership sector. We would most certainly recommend that other suppliers looking to develop
their profile utilise this great resource.''
Membership Plus, Print & Fulfilment Provider

Interested in becoming a MemberWise Recognised Supplier?

☎ +44 07496067240